Aug.20.2021 Disassembled the mysterious box

The day before yesterday, I went to Hard Off in my neighborhood and bought an unfamiliar box and a wii remote controller on impulse for disassembly.


This time, I will confirm the identity of this mysterious wooden box.

Even if I don’t know what’s inside, I thought this case could be used in many ways.

First of all, there are 6 spaces on the top where you can put something.

And there were three buttons next to it.


The place to put something was two magnets and three terminals in the middle.

Two hypotheses are possible, one is that these two magnets are + and-of the power supply, respectively, and the middle three may be signal lines (three are SPI communication). I have.

Another hypothesis is that no voltage is applied to the magnet, two of the three terminals are + and-of the power supply, and the other one is the signal line. If there is not a lot of data (7 segments, etc.), I think that there is no problem with control like a servo motor.

The back side only has a DC jack.

The voltage is not written and I am scared so I have not applied the voltage yet. The DC jack is a 2.1φ one sold in Akizuki, so it feels very close to you.

Let’s open the inside now.

! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!

It was very simple inside. First, there is a microcomputer, a crystal, and a coin battery in the middle.

Let’s take a closer look at the board.

First, from the board, this is a clock.

The microcomputer chip that controls the display system uses ATmega8A, and a 16MHz general crystal oscillator is used for the clock. Also, I think the chip next to it is the RTC (real-time clock).

This is an element that keeps ticking the time accurately and keeps sending the data of the current time to the microcomputer. Even if the power is removed, coin batteries are loaded so that the time can be kept ticking with the least power consumption. The voltage of the coin battery is 3V, while the voltage supplied from the power supply is 5V, so the voltage of the power supply does not flow into the coin battery and the voltage of the coin battery does not flow into the microcomputer etc. There are two.

There were also unmounted parts. First, the 6-pin terminal next to the microcomputer is the program writing terminal. You can easily rewrite the program by connecting it to the ISP terminal of Arduino.

Also, I am concerned about unmounted parts. Especially, the unmounted terminal written as JDY-16 is worrisome. This is a Bluetooth communication module. Perhaps it is for connecting to a smartphone etc. and making the watch such a thing or something like this. I wonder if there are some options. I do not know.

I checked it because it was written on the board as GIXIE CLOCK.

It seems that I got something more amazing than I expected.

After all it was a clock.

Paste the link below.

AZUREST✖️Gixie Clock

These cases seem to be very useful, so I’ll think about something.

It was very interesting.


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