Reverse(Learn the wisdom of our ancestors)

Here, we will disassemble various commercial home appliances and investigate and learn various technologies hidden in them.
Articles are updated every Thursday (English version is Friday).
The articles currently serialized are shown below.

Current serialization; “Disassembly survey of FM / AM stereo tuner KTF-5002”

Update      Content          
8/26I disassembled KTF5002 (specifications, disassembly procedure, board configuration, mechanism)
9/2AM / FM radio reception principle (AM / FM is the main reception method used, what is PLL / MPX)
9/9I investigated the IC used in KTF5002
9/16About FM front-end circuit, FM-IF circuit, AM-RF circuit
9/23PLL circuit principle
9/30About FM-AM DET circuit
10/7About FM-MPX circuit
10/14About Audio AMP circuit
10/21About power supply circuit
10/28About VFD display circuit

In addition, past disassembly articles are also posted.

FM / AM stereo tuner disassembly survey

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