Reuse(Let’s reuse the disassembled product)

It is a waste to leave the product disassembled by Reverse as it is. Therefore, we are trying to add new value by modifying the disassembled products in various ways.

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Current series; “Production of Bluetooth audio using the case of GIXIE Clock”

Update      Contents          
8/28GIXIE Case Audio Design and Concept
9/4GIXIE Case Audio Circuit Design (Speaker and VU Selection)
9/11AMP circuit design and speaker network design
9/18VU meter driver circuit design
9/25Bluetooth module circuit design and selection
10/2Power regulator circuit design
10/9Audio board design and wiring precautions (kiCad)
10/16Gerber data output and printed circuit board ordering method (Fusion PCB)
10/23Printed circuit board soldering (Soldering method for surface mount components)
10/30Aug.29.2021 Desinging of GIXIE Case AudioAssembly and operation of GIXIE audio (completed)


Aug.29.2021 Desinging of GIXIE Case Audio

In the previous blog, I disassembled this case and searched for its true identity. As a result, it was a watch, but I made it before, and I gave up because it would be too expensive to have six Gixie tubes.